November 18, 2019

Culture of Collaboration Balances Internal and External Teams

There are other familiar functions within the organization that employ a collaborative partnership between internal and external teams. Accounting, legal, marketing, and media relations are just a few example...

May 6, 2019

The estimated market value of Wikipedia is $11 or $12 billion. The replacement cost of Wikipedia is an estimated $6.6 billion. And yet those figures are pure speculation, because thousands of volunteers manage the website which is operated by the non-profit Wikimedia F...

December 3, 2018

One of the most common misconceptions about Wikipedia is that anyone can have an article. Because anyone can edit Wikipedia, it stands to reason that anyone can create an article about anything, right? Wrong! Check out this video to find out what the requirements are f...

November 12, 2018

When Prince passed away in 2016, millions of people mourned his death. Within 24 hours of his passing, his Wikipedia page was edited millions of times over. Check out this video for three key takeaways for what makes a brand that can transcends the life of its creator.

October 22, 2018

There are over 54 million English language Wikipedia articles. Creating a new Wikipedia article is an encyclopedic presentation of a person, company, event, or topic.  This video is a guide of 3 simple steps to publish a new Wikipedia article.

September 24, 2018

Oftentimes new Wikipedia users are intimidated by experienced volunteer Wikipedia editors. This video is a guide of 5 best practices to improving a Wikipedia article.

September 17, 2018

What are the ways to correct errors on the company Wikipedia article? Wikipedia’s 250+ policies can seem opaque. This video takes the guesswork out of Wikipedia community engagement. 

September 5, 2018

Digital assistants provide convenient access to content and commerce. Alexa, Siri, and Google reduce the burden on consumers by allowing them to use natural language for their search queries. From directions to trivia, the experience is as natural as having a conversat...

August 6, 2018

Marketing leaders are constantly seeking ways to optimize their marketing program. Because leaders are responsible for demand generation, the pressure to have high visibility and conversion sometimes leads to poor decision making. This is especially true when it comes...

May 14, 2018

A Wikipedia strategic plan is more than just updating the company and CEO’s Wikipedia articles. Creating the strategy is a cooperation of branding, communications, and data analytics teams. Each team contributes ideas, data, and insights to determine the Wikipedia arti...

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February 5, 2016

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